Rebirth-Session 4

There & Back Again- An Armorer's Tale


After Kilik asked him to look into it, Araven found a source of leather for a decent price. The catch, of course was that it was in Ashaban Ford, capital town of Mistiledale.

The party hired on as caravan guards or the month long trip, and only had to earn their wage once really. As they were exiting Cormyr, the caravan was ambushed by a squad of orcs (complete with ballista). After a painful battle, the party triumphed.

The rest of the trip proved uneventful until they arrived in Ashaban Ford. They took care if business in the town, and then settled in for the night.

That evening the town was attacked by Jezz the Lame and a small squad of drow infiltrators. Jezz managed to escape, but the rest of the drow were defeated.

The next morning, the party headed out with the same caravan. The trip home was uneventful.

Appx. 1000 gp each



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