Investigating the Deaths & Dreaming of Flight


While hanging out at Araven’s apartment, a messenger arrives for Bremen. He had been charged with investigating the murders at the De Pointers mansion. After discussing it with the others, he decides o enlist their help in his task.

The three of them head to the manor to
investigate, and are greeted by a pair of Purple Dragons. They informed the guards of their purpose and went about their search, going over each room in depth. Bremen took meticulous notes, and even managed to locate a secret passage leading to a series of cells where it appeared humanoids had been kept recently.

After the investigation, Bremen set off to finish his report, while Kilik and Araven headed towards the LAN. Upon arriving, Kilik spoke to the leader, inquiring about a position there. He was informed of the application process, which he has started to undertake.

Important Loot
The belongings of De Pointers safe.



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