Rebirth-Session 4
There & Back Again- An Armorer's Tale


After Kilik asked him to look into it, Araven found a source of leather for a decent price. The catch, of course was that it was in Ashaban Ford, capital town of Mistiledale.

The party hired on as caravan guards or the month long trip, and only had to earn their wage once really. As they were exiting Cormyr, the caravan was ambushed by a squad of orcs (complete with ballista). After a painful battle, the party triumphed.

The rest of the trip proved uneventful until they arrived in Ashaban Ford. They took care if business in the town, and then settled in for the night.

That evening the town was attacked by Jezz the Lame and a small squad of drow infiltrators. Jezz managed to escape, but the rest of the drow were defeated.

The next morning, the party headed out with the same caravan. The trip home was uneventful.

Appx. 1000 gp each

Investigating the Deaths & Dreaming of Flight


While hanging out at Araven’s apartment, a messenger arrives for Bremen. He had been charged with investigating the murders at the De Pointers mansion. After discussing it with the others, he decides o enlist their help in his task.

The three of them head to the manor to
investigate, and are greeted by a pair of Purple Dragons. They informed the guards of their purpose and went about their search, going over each room in depth. Bremen took meticulous notes, and even managed to locate a secret passage leading to a series of cells where it appeared humanoids had been kept recently.

After the investigation, Bremen set off to finish his report, while Kilik and Araven headed towards the LAN. Upon arriving, Kilik spoke to the leader, inquiring about a position there. He was informed of the application process, which he has started to undertake.

Important Loot
The belongings of De Pointers safe.

Rebirth - Session 3


Summary of events

After an eventful night of drinking at Aravin’s apartment, the crew decided to go and check out a small shelter outside of town in case they ever need a hideaway or rendezvous spot. It was a small cave with a semi permanent water source that could sustain them for a time if need be.

After they returned to the city Charles let them know about a job he had intended to check into, but when he looked into it it seemed that there was more going on and he may need some help.

They did some research into the estate of Marcus de Poitiers. There in was that Chuck had been hired to repair some of the woodwork on the estate stair case. After casing the layout of the estate that he could the crew formed a plan of infiltration and headed in. All went well, Aravin even made sure to really really knock one of the guards out to make sure they didn’t have to kill anyone, until they came upon a secret ladder leading to a subbasement spotted by Shane.

Once they followed it down, they discovered slaves from Mulhorandi, including children, being punished at the end of a whip. Aravin did no handle this well and charged in. At this point all stealth flew out the window…or a better explanation would be that Kilik enlarged himself and came through the window….

After everyone was slain the crew is left with the difficult task of deciding what to do with the remaining slaves. TO be in Corymyr and be from Mulhorandi is punishable by death.

Important loot – Necklace of Natural armor +1

Rebirth - Session 2

Players Attended:

Summary of events

Aravin and Kilik were sought out by Bremmen to help him pass his indoctrination test into the Inquisitors of Waterdeep to secure his freedom from prison. They were tasked with eliminating a mercenary group called the Whisperscales.

After some research they found that the whisperscales were a type of lizardfolk who dwelled in the deepest parts of the sea south of Suzail. Their scales had become fully black due to extended times near an underwater portal to Netheril. They also uncovered that the scales had recently attacked an apple orchard outside of town.

When they found the orchard they uncovered that the family had been slaughtered and the scales were holding up in the house. They set it on fire with the scales still inside. Some of them perished but others made it out to attack the three.

During the battle the scales fought with military precision in a phalanx style combat. Kilik took many wounds and his companions feared the worst for him but he never fell. The three defeated the scales in time and returned to the city (with a fair share of apples) to have Bremmen indoctrinated into the inquisitors.

Important loot –
The leader of the scales wore Bracers of Armor +1

Rebirth- Session 1

Main PageAfter eighteen years apart, all of the party members are geased to head to Suzail in Cormyr. Each of the party members made the journey, and shortly after arriving (for some of them, anyways), the felt a strange calling to the southern district of town. It was in the inn of the Golden Goblin where they met up. They were short one party member, but they had discovered one more had been pulled to the realms. While it took a minute or two for them to recognize each other fully, they spent the rest of the night catching up and figuring out the last eighteen years. After many hours of drinking, they crashed in a common room upstairs.

The next day, they awoke to find that they were all missing some small valuable item from their belongings. When they went downstairs to inquire about it with the innkeeper, he presented them with the inn’s disclaimer regarding items of their guests. The innkeeper then informed them of the rodents of unusual size that had been plaguing his kitchen (and his grandmother). The party decided to get breakfast at a place that Aravil knew of before dealing with said rats.

After a breakfast of danishes, the group headed into the sewers beneath the tavern. They made their way through the muck and filth to find a nest of the unusually sized rodents, which they then started to destroy. In the process, they discovered wererats in the nest as well. They dealt with these as well, but not without taking a few hits themselves.

After returning victorious, the party was granted a weeks worth of food and drink from the Golden Goblin.

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